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March 08, 2012


S. Powell

Hiding exculpatory evidence is pervasive in the DOJ, and Holder has repeatedly turned a blind eye toward it. Look at the recently filed Cert. Petition in US v. Brown, . Prosecutors actually yellow highlighted evidence as Brady before trial, still concealed it from the defense, and tried the entire case on a theory the concealed evidence directly contradicted. One prosecutor is now CHief White House counsel; the supervising prosecutor is now General Counsel to the FBI. The government has refused to acknowledge ANY wrongdoing on its part. Holder chose to ignore it.

Eric Rasmusen

Two more questions should be:

Why haven't you yet made the decision on who to punish, 3+ years after the misconduct?

If you fire the culprits, do they have to give up the pay they earned while you were procrastinating?

Have you ever fired *any* prosecutor for misconduct?

Mark Davis

Prosecutorial misconduct is widespread in the Justice Department. Reference Demons of Democracy chapter on this subject delves deeply into cases that were profoundly frivolous. You are describing just the surface of this subject in this article.

Jack Andreotti

Kudos to Sen. Feinstein, a liberal democrat, for her strong and empathetic concern for Sen. Stevens as a person.

simple question: were a defense attorney to engage in similar misconduct in the course of his duties.....what would happen?

Have bar disiplinary authorities (apart from the Justice Dep't. itself) been notified? What have they done/are they doing?

finally, this is not an isolated problem. Until extremely harsh, punitive and very public sanctions imposed on prosecutors at all levels of gov't and across the country, these abuses will continue. The occur daily. Most go undetected/unpunished. Very few judges have the courage and tenacity of Judge Sullivan.

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