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February 27, 2012


Typical DC BS

She should be upset with her POS grandson for causing problems that led to a search warrant being served. If he'd quit trying to be a thug, she wouldn't have that problem.


Amen @thoroughly_disgusted.

The numerous thugs we have parading around in police uniforms is disgusting.


Please. Why are you using your resources on a dog when people, human beings, are shot and mistreated by the police on a regular basis. Give me a break.

eye witness

DC police officers shot and killed a dog at the Adams Morgan Day in 2010 for absolutely no reason and Cathy Lanier did nothing about it. that is why people have begun to sue DC for the reckless and lawlessness of officers killing dogs for no reason.

DC police officers need training and they need to be fired for costing the city so much money for needless,reckless and irresponsible behavior.

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