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February 23, 2012


J W Larrabee

As a hardworking attorney myself, I would be very pleased to be awarded over $600,000 in legal fees. If the case was so obvious that DC officials should have settled it, then the level of skill to win the trial might not have been very high. I appreciate the judge's watching out for taxpayers.


If the politicians had thought of following the laws of the land, the constitution, then there would not have been a court trial to have to pay for. I don't think the public of D.C. should have to pay for the attorney fees, the politicians that passed the illigal law to deny, the right to bear arms, should have to pay out of their own pockets. Their the ones whom are to have to brains what their voted to in office. The judge whom allowed it to go to trial should also have to pay out of his own pocket to help pay for attorney fees. Their all responsible.


As a D.C. resident, taxpayer and would-be gun owner, I was and remain insulted by Judge Sullivan's paternalism. Gura deserves every penny he's requested. If Second Amendment-denying D.C. officials had, as they should have, settled the initial gun case long before it went to trial, Gura's bill for fees would have been a fraction of what it ultimately became.

If Judge Sullivan had truly been looking out for D.C. taxpayers, his decision would have fixed blame where it belongs by unambiguously condemning the Constitution-ignoring obstinance of D.C. authorities and urged taxpaying voters to throw the bums out.

A Facebook User

It's "Hammer Time", Alan...

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