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February 29, 2012


Sidney Gendin

Bradbury is a fine example of the principle that stupidity is no barrier to rising to high positions.


Bradbury and Graham are right - but only as right as cops are, when they say they'd rather any criminal arrestee be unsure of whether they should talk, and they'd rather get all possible info about the crime in order to prevent it from continuing or recurring.

The argument for stripping terrorism suspects of rights is no different in nature than the argument for stripping those rights from Mafia suspects, espionage suspects, serial-murder suspects or any other suspects. The only difference is in degree of risk. Which may cause more deaths - letting organized crime family continue, or failing to catch a terrorist's accomplices?

You can never know. And until you know, there's no excuse to contravene the Constitution. In fact, maybe no excuse is good enough even if you do know.

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