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January 05, 2012


Joe Jefferis

The controversial appointment process chosen by the President has set the tone for the agency as a whole - bad and getting worse.

No wonder Ohio Senator Brown was able to attend the launch of this hoax.

Barry Cutler

Howard Klein's comment ("gutted the Constitution...Do NOT try this if you're a Republican)" sounds like unfiltered Rush in its factual simplification. Where does he think this power comes from in the first place? And in fact, the two Bushes and Bill Clinton each had several HUNDRED recess appointments. Obama has under 40, I believe. The Republic will survive.

A Facebook User

Don't understand the objections to this appointment. The Senate has been in recess since December 23, 2011. Mitch McConnell coming into the Senate chambers every other day to read his grocery list into the Senate Record does not change that reality. Those that oppose this appointment have had plenty of time to go to court and seek an injunction, but they haven't done so because they recognize the so-called "pro forma" proceedings are a sham.


Simple abuse of power. When the president dictates his wishes against the constitution you are a dictator. Welcome to the new Socialist Republic of America.

Susan Rowley

Unprecedented, unconstitutional, because Cordrey is not sufficiently rude to be mistaken for John Bolton

Howard Klein

Mr. Cordray's appointment was a novel and unprecedented exercise of the recess appointment power, essentially gutting the Constitutional limitations on this power. Do NOT try this if you're a Republican president.


Section 1066 of the Dodd-Frank bill requires the director to be confirmed by the Senate. how can he move forward and make changes without Senate confirmation?

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