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January 13, 2012



US Trade Act/
corporate laws.

Hail Him!

Joe Jefferis

Will Cordray rule over all commerce instead?

DF Lickiss

If he had done this in 2009 rather than wasting time w/ the health care act his actions might be viewed with less skepticism. As it is being done on just as the elections are gathering news attention it seems more of a bit to secure re-election than real concern about the role of government in our economy.


The GOP accuses Obama of bloating the government, then when he attempts to shrink government, they criticize him again for some alleged usurpation. Soon they'll be blaming him for the War of 1812.

Laurence Gillis

I wouldn't trust a Republican president with that kind of authority. Why would I even THINK about allowing a Democrat to do so?

Besides, the Constitutional authority to create (and to un-create) these agencies resides in Congress, not the Executive. Admittedly, with the entrenched bureaucracies involved here, the Gordian Knot is not likely to get unravelled. On balance, so be it.

Grigsby Law Group

How much of a shock it is that Obama is still attempting to seize more power for a role that has not congressional over sight once the power has been given? Not much of a shock.

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