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January 27, 2012



Perhaps time has finally come for Barney Franks and Chris Dodd to be called for their involvement in the bundling of those securities. Going back to the 1990's will help shine light on our politician's involvement in the banking and investment arena.

Madan Ahluwalia

Investigation is time consuming process. I hope that govt throws all resources behind this investigation and moves it along. My fear is that lot of people/victims will lose their houses in foreclosures by the time there is a resolution. Problem has lingered on little too long. Great step in right direction though!

Ronald J Riley

Everyone needs to remember that there are many levels of crooks involved in this.

Also, regarding the too big to fail drivel. They are not too big to fail and putting the miserable companies out of action permanently is the best way to protect the public.

Anthony Accetta

This is a sham. Excuses are already being made for the inexcusable is failure to bring criminal charges for the past 3 years. See Statutes of limitation have expired. Civil subpoenas are proof there is no political will to impose serious sanctions. This is a cynical and misleading political ploy. Shame.

impose meaningful penalties.


It is about time Holder went after the thieves!


A lot of people will be happy to hear this!

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