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December 29, 2011


Susan C.

If the judge were really so worried about the cost to the taxpayer, he ought to address how much *the city* paid to *their* attorneys to fight (and lose) the lawsuit. The hourly rates requested by the Heller team are LOWER than rates for DC counsel my public institution (which gets a discounted rate) pays and I would expect they are lower than both the rates paid by the city in defense, as well as the expensive counsel for all the amicus briefs filed in opposition to the Heller team.

Larry Church

The real story here is that D.C. officials acted to deny their citizens' Constitutional rights and then spent millions of taxpayer dollars in a fruitless attempt to justify their unconstitutional abuse of their power.


Sounds like a rip off to me. If they were NAACP lawyers who won a landmark case on behalf of African Americans, I doubt the judge would be concerned about the taxpayers or mentioning the current economic conditions in his award. Same old double standard. These lawyers won a hard fought battle of epic proportions and vinidcated the Second Amendment rights of the entire nation. But because their cause was not warmly embraced by liberal judges, the fee application is scrutinized to the wall. Shame on that judge. He's a disgrace.

Steven J Fromm

This sounds like a good decision as attorneys lose track of the fact that they still received over $1 million dollars for one case. Every attorney wants to get a high hourly rate but $589 per hour is hard to justify in this economy and the state of the world right now. Get a grip lawyers and come back down to earth and see it from another perspective. Looks like the judge did that and he is to be applauded.

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