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November 07, 2011


Debra Linick

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington, as the government affairs arm serving over 100 synagogues and Jewish agencies in our region, while saddened by this holiday conflict, was very appreciative of the efforts of the Board of Ethics and Elections to communicate absentee ballot options to affected community members. We have been proud to work in collaboration with DC government and interfaith and civil rights partners to find a legislative solution that would avoid this issue in the future.


Interesting case, I do think the election would never have been set on Christmas.Nevertheless,while I understand Plaintiff's postion,my view as an American Jewish attorney is that while Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippor might be analagous to Christmas,but the eight day of Passover is not. America is a secular country,where you have freedom of religion,and limitations in the entanglement of government with religion,but that ought not require the government to have to reschedule a secular matter,even one as important as an election, because a small religious minority chooses not to participate in it for religious reasons. Perhaps an absentee ballot procedure would have solved teh problem.

barrie Daneker

Separation of Chruch and State should prevail here. We cannot account for every relgious traditon in the world to run this country. It affect very few in our community, mostly orthodox jews, but all the other jews were good to go. So what percentage of the population were affected. Bet less than 1%, which means any relgion could have faced the same thing! Case dismissed! I am a huge supported of Jews FYI!

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