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November 11, 2011


Naomi Fein

How prescient and/or timely is Mr. Perez's speech. Today's Daily News reports on two racist incidents in New York:a black cook at a local hotel who was "teased" by fellow workers dressing in white hoods of the KKK. And in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, a report of a criminal anti-Jewish rampage.
While I am always ready to believe in racist acts in other parts of the country--especially the South--I'm not used to this sort of raging, ugly stupidity in my city.

James M. Grandone

Where does the prosecution of hate crimes begiin? Is it with the police? The lower courts? I am amazed that DOJ has processed more hate crimes in the past year than in thepast decade. Is that because more hate crimes are being committed or because the law is being enforced more vigorously? Mr. Perez (and your story) left too many questions in my mind and I am sure in the minds of others. This needs to be researched and reported on deeper.

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