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November 11, 2011


the kat

I hear the house of rep passed a bill to day bi partisan no less, that will allow by federal law a concealed permit holder (say from NV) to carry that same concealed weapon in any state. Thanks DOJ and Local agency that let these killers skate. Now I have to get a permit in NV and carry a weapon (baby glock with 30 round clip /ak 47 with 75 round drum) so I can protect myself in DC OR ? to protect myself from killer cops. I want to live not leave my heirs a settlement.

Harry D.

I understand that the Firearms Expert / Ballistician in this case was from the Lowell, Massachusetts area. The defense attorney involved in this case had determined that the submitted expert reports were indisputable and had closed the case.

Sakani Ogu

I suspect the city settle the case because there was no way they could win it. There was an extensive investigation into this matter. I believe this to be true. Not to mention lots of media coverage.
The investigations found no evidence of Mr Rawlings having a gun or powder burns on his hands. No shell casings either. So how could the city justify his killing? There was simply no evidence he shot anything at anyone.
The killers however,violated every rule and regulation in MPD's handbook. There's no way the city could possibly defend their actions in a Civil Court.So the city was essentially forced to settle lest it lose a high profile case in which city employees killed and unarmed child.
The family desrves every penny!!



That sounds GOOD to me Mike!
Just SHUT UP & continue paying the City your taxes!
That part of your comment made the most Sense.


Officers James Edward Haskel and Anthony Clay were cleared of criminal wrongdoing by D.C. police and the U.S. attorney in 2008. So why was this $100M wrongful-death lawsuit against DC settled? Clearly it was settled because these officers were totally responsible in their duties and were completely innocents and bore no responsibility in hunting this 14-year old boy down and killing him. These officers got off "Scott Free" but yet DC residents have to pay a "substantial" amount of money to settle this wrongful-death lawsuit? But I guess it's not all bad: #1. One more worthless black boy dead and off the streets of DC, #2 These outstanding officers and pillars of the DC community are still employed as cops in DC to protect us all, and #3 The parents got paid lots of money to just move on. But some how I'm still thinking that the dead boy and the DC taxpayer were screwed in this situation. I guess I'm being selfish. I'll pay my DC taxes and shut up now.

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