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November 14, 2011



The comment is incorrect. EMTALA applies only if the hospital accepts federal payments. The vast majority does accept such payments.
Citizenship is irrelevant to EMTALA. The "participating hospital" must take all comers.
Regulating a hospital is a different question than regulating an individual citizen. The Hospital is already participating in commerce AND accepting government payments for such services.


these rhetorical questions are sooooooo old and sooooooooooo answered years ago.

How can you 'force' a citizen to buy a product he doesn't need?

Answer is SO EASY.
1. Citizen has a legal right to not be turned away from the ER when he has no way of paying for services, no insurance, and even no intent to ever pay (which many of them do not).
2. We all make up for that money with higher premiums and less coverage for ourselves. Thus this isn't some product the customer has no interest in purchasing. This is a DIRECT LIABILITY that citizen has that WE are directly RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING for him.

So you can either change the law to allow ERs to refuse patience that cannot pay (which I'm sure is what many of you wingnuts want anyway, right?), or you require everyone to have coverage to fix this broken system once and for all. YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. STOP DEFENDING THE STATUS QUO

But you know and understand this question already, don't you. Not gonna stop you from asking it again and again on every forum you can find as if you have some kind of point, will it?

Next question!

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