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October 28, 2011



Oops, I take it back. I was looking at the wrong conference. Page 60 of the pdf, page 32 of the numbered pages. $16.80 per person for breakfast which included pastries, juice, coffee, and presumably the muffins. That also included the hotel providing meeting space (although the hotel admitted that based on the number of rooms reserved at the hotel, it would have provided the meeting space for free, anyway).


Looks like $5.33 for each muffin (p. 58 of the pdf), not counting the costs of the event planners, which seems to be a focal point for the report.

Either way, the point of the report is that they're spending way too much on food for these conferences. Based on my very brief review of the report, it looks like they're spending about as much as businesspeople would.

I don't think the amount they're spending is OK, but I think the participants at these conferences are going to need a big mental adjustment if the DOJ brings these expenses in line with what they're allowed to spend.

Elizabeth Fleming

Why does DOJ get to spend appropriated funds on food and drink in the first place? There are about a million rules against this. A million.

Joey Bagdano

Oh the government denies it...oh, then its ok nothing to see here move on. BTW, where did all that stimulus money go to anyways?


Well...How much were the muffins, then?


Ugh. The central screw-up is OIG's first report. Anyone would know that excessive government spending is prime grist for the anti-government propaganda mill. Thus, any report on this subject should be fact checked multiple times even if that means going behind the figures fed to OIG. Once the story has been released it remains forever engrained in the minds of attack dog anti-govt types regardless of the truth. Yes, I know that they'll make up facts anyway, but why help them?

Robert A.

I think maybe people ought to have asked more questions before jumping to conclusions, is there really a $16 muffin anywhere in the US?

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