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October 18, 2011


Frank Finklestein

this is what those Occupy folks are this really a deterrent?

Dr. Gene Nelson

Sadly, "wrist slaps" have been routine in the prosecution of the guilty parties in the Abramoff Scandal. My 2007 short article, The Greedy Gates Immigration Gambit regarding the conduct of members of "Team Abramoff" is found at

A longer version is Exhibit 40 in the case USA v. Abramoff, available at or via PACER for no cost for most PACER account holders.

Tim Morgan

Jeesh! They don't even need cells -- they can just hang out in the prison "lobby" for a few hours. Step forward for the ceremonial tapping of the wrist.

Bill Harrison

This "sentence" is simply unconscionable. This is "the system" protecting its own . . . politicians, lobbyists, etc.

Without deterrents, then there is no integrity to our system of justice.


Wow, talk about a wrist slap.

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