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October 03, 2011



Ignoring that the facts at issue in this case allegedly occurred three decades ago and have no relationship to today's practices, the question is whether the same federal judiciary that found rights to privacy and abortion in the Constitution will now find a right for wards of the state to birth still more wards of the state? Hard to know for sure, but surely the late Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, who wrote "Three generations of imbeciles is enough" (Buck v. Bell, 1927), is surely spinning in his grave.

Uncle Bill

Just when I think we've actually moved past eugenics into an era of equality, I read something like this.

Bureaucrats and the administrative rules and laws they create need constant oversight from sane people.

What was done to those women was a travesty.

Harold A. Maio

Whoever is disabled by law, has no protections from it.

I am not buoyed by Kennedy's words: ""some courts have found a federal constitutional right to judicial oversight of involuntary sterilizations of -THE- mentally ill and mentally disabled," Kennedy wrote.

I recall it only too well as "the" Blacks and "the" Jews. The form is offensive,coarse.

Harold A. Maio

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