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September 28, 2011



"PP gets very little federal money." That statement is not accurate and not true. How little is little? Just for one PP entity in Texas a $1 million dollars of federal was received in 2009. (per Federal Form 990)

Justine, when the 'war on poverty' was started under Pres. Johnson, there was LESS poverty. Obviously the war on poverty has been a failure. Likewise, the culture to promote contraceptives and promiscuity (thanks to PP) has also been a failure. There are more out-of-wedlock births and abortions than prior to the introduction of contraceptives. PP's social agenda has failed. Time for a change. Time to put to better use the tax payer's hard earned money.

Jack Fillmore

It's ironic that the federal money received by Planned Parenthood is generally for family planning and contraceptive visits which if I understand correctly lowers the need for abortion. If Republicans in Congress are truly anti-abortion, then they should double the funding and shut up.


I agree with Justine. This is a waste of taxpayer money. PP gets very little federal money. Yet we dont investigate the numerous huge corporations that plunder us every day

Igor Jose

Kudos to Mr. Stearns. It was time to investigate the use of taxpayer money by that creepy organization.

Justine Kalka

So at a time when we are cutting social services and the poverty rate in the country is higher than ever, this is how Congress is spending our tax dollars? Has anyone estimated the cost of this probe? If so, how far would cutting it go to reducing the deficit?

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