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September 14, 2011



I find it rediculous that this man, who was supposedly informed by a 15 year old that she was pregnant never attempted to seek out this young girl for paternity testing for the purpose of providing support for this child while he was growing up. But, now he is willing to spend money filing lawsuits and spend time keeping his name in the media for his own financial gain and notariety.

What kind of man sues the grown man he claims is his son for money he thinks he could have gained for being linked to him? And, supposedly because he was 'deprived of the love and affection from his son'. I am sure that suing your 'son' and his mother will correct that! This 'man' is not a parent. He is a dispicable parasite.

Establishing paternity should be for the emotional, mental and financial well-being of the child. I do not see any benefit for LeBron at this point in his life in dealing with this man in any way. Nor do I see any benefit for LeBron's children.

Also, I honestly do not see any resemblance between these two men other than the fact that they are both tall, african-american males.

Glen Lenhoff

Stovell is 6`8' tall-he was a great Cleveland high school basketball player (Cleveland Heights High).The "Le" first name and "Br" middle name are unlikely to be coincidences.
I agree LeBron should give a second blood test.He probably realizes Stovell is the father-but does not want it publicly proved.
Doesn`t Stovell at least have the right to know whether he`s really the father?Don`t the James children have the right to know if Stovell is their grandchildren?


Good for you for not letting that parasite in your life. He got what he deserved which is NOTHING.


@JMnixon He already submitted a test.


Why should Lebron waste his time taking a DNA test when one was taken before and now Mr. Stovell would like a new one as stated in the article above. Once is enough. DNA is 99.99% accurate.


@brian, lebron isn't hiding anything I dont think. If I grew up in a less fortunate environment without a father, and some random man was claiming he's my father, and wanted MILLIONS in "damages"...i wouldn't WANT to know who that greedy, selfish man was..


Why in the world would Lebron want to have a paternity test to prove such an awful man was his biological father? Stovell did not wish to recognize him as his child until he became wealthy. If I were Lebron I would go to my grave broke and penniless before I recognized him as my biological father. Where was this man's demand for love when Lebron was a child? This man is a coward and a snake. Real men and real father's like Lebron James recognize their children the day they are born and give their love unconditionally.


If Stovell were not LeBron's father, LeBron could have invested $300 in a DNA test and blown Stovell out of the water, once and for all. No more rumors and innuendos. Instead, LeBron invests tens of thousands of dollars to get beat Stovell on technicalities, while keeping the rumor alive. Either LeBron's lawyers are dumb or he is hiding something. And what's stopping LeBron from doing the DNA test even after the legal victory? Nothing, unless he's hiding something.

Darren McKinney

Such parasitic behavior helps give personal injury lawyers their horrible reputation. If Mr. Stovell persists in this pathetic nonsense, LeBron's mom should seek to have him prosecuted for statutory rape since she was a minor when impregnated by the eventual all-star's father -- whomever that may be.

Darren McKinney
American Tort Reform Association

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