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September 12, 2011


Smokeless Cigarettes

The FDA will not stop kids from smoking, I don't care what they do. Children know that cigarettes are bad for them and that is why they smoke, the cool thing to do and it is nothing to their health for will live forever or atleast that is what they think.

Electronic Cigarettes / Vaporizers

Great Post and they want to pass laws that will not benefit the public in any form for this will not stop the millions from smoking. The FDA will not approve the Electronic vaporizer which is gaining huge grounds in helping individuals to quit smoking, but they will worry over labels.


This is probably the most ruiocdlius thing ever. People who smoke understand it's bad and effects other people but guess what? Putting these pictures on smokes isn't going to really change anything. If I bought a pack, and they were on there I'd still smoke. A cigarette, is a cigarette, no matter what the packages look like. And I saw this thing on facebook, So they want to stick gruesome images on cigarette packs ?Why not pictures of starving children on McDonald's packaging ?Why not tortured animals on cosmetics products ?Why not put the photos of the victims of drunken drivers, on beer and wine bottles ?Why not pictures of dishonest, thieving Politicians enjoying our money, on tax returns ?makes sense, eh?The government is honestly stupid and I couldn't be more then unhappy with everything they do. I'm still smoking regardless, and so will almost everyone else. Sooo just leave the packs the way they are NOT that hard.

Electronic Cigarette

I agree and i like to support FDA because we cannot let the teen agers have dominating using of tobacco and cigarettes and of course we should care about their health and safety.

David Lickiss

Since when do constitutional questions of compelled speech turn on how much a particular compelled speech might cost? If the government can violate the restrictions placed on it in a written constitution, what value does it serve? It sort of sounds like guarantees of religious freedom under the Soviet Constitution.

Zoe Tillman

Thanks for the heads up, the brief should download now.



The link to the opposition brief isn't working.

Soapy Johnson

If cigarettes need graphic warning labels, everything does ...

Sanjoy Paul

FDA is on to put Graphic Labels against Cigarette sounds somewhat realistic as due to the images there might be a fall in the consumption of cigarettes amoungst the teen agers as it will help to be aware on the effects of the usage of Tobacco & Cigarettes. I support FDA on this topic.

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