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August 04, 2011


Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

I don't think people are understanding how the fed system works on bonuses. You get them for high rating performances. This goes up the chain of command. If the lower levels discover wrongdoing on the watch of upper management, then none of the management can claim high outcome results which means it affects upper management bonuses. I know how it works. I worked for HHS. When I blew the whistle that outcomes to Congress had been falsified for decades, it rocked management. It meant the years of bonuses paid to countless feds were unjustified. This problem is fed system wide.

Tim Morgan

How fitting that the agency set up after the Crash of 1929 to bring integrity to investments should be so visibly lame for the current round of "double dip" or depression economics.

At the same time, accelerating disparities between rich and poor have placed the world squarely at risk of the next great depression, and Congress is so bought off it pretends not to notice. Makes on want to retore D.C. to its former wetlands status.

Former SEC Enforcement Division Lawyer

If this doesn't illustrate the interior rot at the SEC, nothing does. It is another breathtaking example of how the SEC staff is allowed to bungle, fudge the facts, mangle the law, waste time on stupid, petty cases, and parade around with a holier-than-thou attitude based on endless, robotic repetition of "We are the investor's advocate."

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