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August 04, 2011



Good for the judge tell these PETA wackos to GO TAKE A HIKE

Andros Pelecanos

I understand that Hugh,

And in this case even though PETA were shareholders (with 101 shares) the motion was still dismissed.

It's definitely an interesting approach since shares are publicaly traded.

One might say it's a loophole in the system that PETA unsuccessfully tried to exploit. Where they try to attain the minimal amount of ownership to a company and legally request to recieve what would otherwise be a - at the very least - time restricted, confidential company information.


Andros, if they weren't shareholders, they couldn't have applied for inclusion of their resolution in the annual meeting.

Andros Pelecanos

That's an interesting strategy actually. Too bad it failed to yield any results.

One thing that's not clear is if they actually thought they'd have a stronger case for the lawsuit simply because they held a shareholder status. Perhaps it's the case but that part wasn't clear.

Protecting animals is serious business though and thank goodness it's not me doing it.

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