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August 30, 2011



"Judge Lamberth: two of the exhibits that Dr. Taitz submitted were more than likely obtained by fraud."

Obama documents were obtained by fraud? Who committed the fraud? Barack Obama? Or his grandmother?


Mr. Obama posted his 2009 tax return online for public inspection, including his Gift Tax form 709. For whatever reason, the form 709 .PDF file was not optimized, so the layers of the form were left exposed to the public. The top layer had a blank for the SSN, but a lower layer had his full SSN beginning with "042", plainly visible, dashes and all, to anyone who cared to look.

Justifying the "employer E-verify check" by the fact that We the People are the employers of the government employees who run the U.S. government, the PI did an E-verify check (at Wal-Mart Customer Service or just about anywhere) and found that this "042" SSN was issued in 1977 to a Connecticut ("042") resident born in 1890.

The original owner must have died in 1977, shortly after the SSN was issued, and most likely in Honolulu. Mrs. Dunham must have seen the death certificate in the Honolulu Co. Judge of Probate office, where she worked as a volunteer, because it was about that time when her grandson, Barack Obama II, started using this "042" SSN, probably to work at the Baskin-Robbins at 1633 King St. in Honolulu.

From subsequent investigations, it seems that Mrs. Dunham must have lifted a dozen (or two) SSNs from documents she saw in the Honolulu Co. Judge of Probate office. Both her daughter, Anna Obama, and her grandson, Barack Obama II, used multiples of these boosted SSNs at different times in their lives.

Frank Marshall Davis, and later Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dhorn, taught how to use deceased infants' SSNs, birth certificate DOH file numbers, and other ID info to create identities for illegal aliens who had entered the U.S. without papers... such as Barack Obama II.

Don't get mad at me for telling you the truth. You should rather be mad at the one who wove this tangled web of deception and fraud. It's HIS fault, not mine.


Social Security numbers are not issued sequentially in number either by year or geographic location.

And why isn't Orly Taitz disbarred already?

 Vincent Franco

on what document was the so-sec # 042 -- ---- found to be associated with pres obama? this was never stated. mine began in CT, #044 -- ---- in 1947 and i am 83/

Laurence S. Eraut

September 25, 2011
What if Orly Taitz is correct, and "Obama" (alias Barry Soetoro) is an illegal alien?
The big joke is that, regardless of his Kenyan nationality, he has been chosen by our Constellation rulers. There are 100,000 worlds under the authority of our local Constellation rulers. These "most highs" choose who will rule in the kingdoms of men. So the highest authorities, the Varondadek Sons, have selected "Obama" to rule over us.
I might mention here also that we might equally have had a ruler over us as bad as Julius Caesar, or Stalin or even Mussolini or Hitler. Apparently the ruler appointed over us is a lesson to us to turn and do the will of God, not the will of men.
The fact is that Orly Taitz is correct. But it is not man, but rather the wiser authorities who represent God, who rule over us, evil as these chosen men may be. We, who are evil, elected this evil "Obama" to rule over us, because we accepted his lies.
If we were really law-abiding, we would have voted for an unassuming, honest man such as Ron Paul. But we will not choose such an honorable man, because we do not have such honor within us. We will choose a liar, a man who is even criminal, as we did before. "Barabas", we cry for the thief, instead of for "Jesus". We will cry "Obama" instead of crying for a righteous man, to rule over us.
Yours Sincerely,
Laurence S. Eraut

Larry Sinclair

According to documents Taitz herself filed with the Court SSA states the SSN at issue has never been issued and is not on file. So where is it that Taitz or the individual who fraudulently used the e-verify system to check the number getting that it is now or has ever been in use by anyone?

Bottom line, you cannot call Obama a fraud or accuse him of illegal acts when you yourself are engaging in fraudulent acts to try and prove your case.


Congrats Ms. Tillman! Your post seems to have attracted 3 Orly Taitz groupies. They are notable by the gibberish in their comments, and their comments read just like an Orly Taitz pleading. I would, however, like to note that Judge Lamberth, in failing to impose sanctions against Taitz for filing these repetitive and frivolous actions, seems to be asking for more. She has another FOIA case pending in Lamberth's court against Kathy Ruemmler, the President's counsel. Taitz even states she is aware that FOIA does not apply to the White House, but she's suing anyway. This will never end until a federal judge declares her a vexatious litigant.


Re: "this judge needs to be fired for not doing his job."

Judge Royce Lamberth was appointed by President Ronald Reagan.


See information at


If Orly Taitz gets much crazier, she just may have to run for President.

far left liberal nut job

A large stack of evidence is coming out against the usurper including the forging of a birth certificate, photoshopped by his cronies, fake SSNs, his aunt and uncle here illegally.
This judge doesn't know if it is obtained illegally or not, he is making it up. He blames the attorney, yet it was obtained by a PI, not an attorney. If the judge wasn't a paid off political hack, and really cared for the truth of the matter he would investigate it further instead of making an uninformed "opinion" without a single iota of fact backing it up.

This is going to get appealed up the ladder, this judge needs to be fired for not doing his job


How the SSN was obtained is only part of it. What about the numerous illegal land dealings and other shady stuff linked to this number. Also, the number was originally issued to a person born in Conn but died in Hawaii about the same time obama started using it!

the kat

All you good lawyers have to do, or even a Judge, is file a complaint with the cal state bar and the octc will prosecute. Not, because in that office taitzs are abound.


It appears to be the case that 'America's worst lawyer', Orly Taitz, knowingly submitted a document that was obtained by fraud.

As an officer of the court, she is bound to adhere to rules of evidence. If trafficking in an illegally-obtained document is what she did (instead of reporting the crime to the authorities), she is in a great deal of trouble. Or should be.

This would not be the first time that America's worst lawyer has pulled such a stunt. Readers will recall her efforts to present at court a forged Kenyan 'birth certificate'. According to the incompetent Taitz, this was 'proof' that Pres Obama was actually born in Kenya.

Her 'document' was quickly proved a crude forgery, based on an Australian (!) model. Taitz no longer talks about that particular deceit.

She will soon produce another 'document'. It will prove, no doubt, that Pres Obama is actually a space alien, born on Planet Kolob, and therefore a secret Mormon.

It would make as much sense as everything else she has presented. This is, btw, the 92nd court case she has lost in this matter. What a record. What an attorney.


Those exhibits were in fact obtained by fraud. First, Taitz hired a PI who improperly obtained the president's SSN. Then Taitz illegally posted the SSN online, along with a wacky theory that the president had committed fraud, for which she had no evidence. Then, a certain gentleman used the improperly obtained SSN to access the president's selective service account, and further accessed the Social Security Number Verification System by claiming to be President Obama's employee--again, totally illegal.
When will the California Bar discipline this unethical, lawbreaking attorney?


Anyone think commenter "RS" (from the previous posting on this topic) will admit to being wrong?:


Please take note of Footnote 4 in the opinion. Judge Lamberth correctly points out that two of the exhibits that Dr. Taitz submitted were more than likely obtained by fraud.
I believe that gives us the level of competence, and hysteria, that the legal system is dealing with when it comes to Dr. Taitz.

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