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July 28, 2011


Keith Curran

This case will set important legal precedent and is necessary to ensure the justice that Sherrod as well as all victims of internet libel and defamtion deserve. The action was intentional, with malice, and had the intention to of harming the public through deception and harm of a public representative.

The attack on Sherrod should be considered an attack on the people in this regard. I myself am a plaintiff in a nasty libel case.
The law does not favor the victims of these tortuous acts and that needs to change.

Bonnie Middlebrook

I hope that she win and win big. It's to bad it won't detroy him politically.


The Scalia Court has reportedly already assured Andrew Breitbart and his financial handlers that it will overturn any decision against Breitbart and associates in the Sherrod matter.


Scott, most people agree that this video was selectively edited to purposely hurt this person by portraying a lie. It is pretty clearly deflationary at this point, and had easily provable consequences. That isn't fighting the good fight or exposing hypocrisy of the left, that is defamation of an innocent individual, which is why we have this lawsuit, and why it was not thrown out.

Bill Michtom

SEC, exactly what "hypocrisy" has Ms. Sherrod committed?

Scott E. Carter, Esq.

Andy. My heart goes out to you. Stay tough and don't give up the good fight to expose the hypocrisy of the left.

SEC, Esq.


Breitbart better settle. He has no chance of winning now.

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