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June 06, 2011


Jonathan Lam

Gamesmith94134: Hopes fade for peaceful Arab transition to democracy

Peaceful Arab Transition to democracy may not be clear for NATO or Americans to decide or it just their way to get rid of Gaddafi in reestablish another ally like the Mubarak regime; however, they might underestimate the strength of Gaddafi and his tribal allies in the south where these tribes acclaimed Libya should resides on its land that consummate its Arab world in a Iranian regime. I learned my lesson that bid on natives are better choice even though the other carries the bigger guns; because democracy leans on the culture and sentimental, we fled from the bared foot doctors and soldiers. We lost the South Vietnam. Far as Gaddafi is not waning and NATO is not winning; another North and South Vietnam is getting closer; and I am betting on the south this time.
After the months of riots in Libya and I do not see the civil war status arrives in supporting the democracy as the NATO proposed. I am really beginning to question on the intents on the choice on democracy or aiming to end Gaddafi’s life and his regime. More advisors and bombing on the ground from NATO, non lethal weaponry to the resistance by US make me laugh. I only see the riot is carried out by renegades who bring no issues on democracy but hunger for the blood of Gaddafi and his family. In the recent political change of Yemen, many see the pro-muslin won the ground on the capital, so, what is so call Arab Spring is not preference on the western and it may not be the democracy as many wish for. Can NATO really know his coin may come with two heads and who is tossing the coin? And, Gaddafi’s friendly nations in the south may also see the stalemate in non-aggressive war could ever affecting the Muslim regimes are vulnerable too if NATO”S strategy goes sour; their support on the south in raising the tribal war can sterilize the two-heads democracy in making the Iranian-like regime take shape to fortify its Arab World by tossing the two-tails-coin.
Perhaps, it is time for the United Nations to call on the African Union to replace the NATO to stop further aggression to Libya, or even stop the rising of the tribal war that can divide Libya. I thought Mr. Zuma has already interested in the matter and the tribal development can be the stepping that the west can rest itself on; in addition, the African Union is the only wall that both sides can climb and separate themselves in keeping the Gaddafi issues of live-die from over-heating; on the other hand, the becoming of the democratic or more taste on religious rights can be sorted by our through a more democratic way through the scrutiny the African nations not by NATO or America.
By the way, I hate to be in London or Frankfurt now. I am worrying that I may become the Martyr of democracy; but it is just not worth it.
Hooray, Palestinian State by United Nations and Democracy for all.
May the Buddha bless you?

Jenna Greene

Not that I'm aware of, but you might try contacting the Legal Advisor's Office at the State Department.
- Jenna


Are the minutes to the meeting or links to official state dept. documents about the meeting?

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