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May 06, 2011



That's a slap in the wrist to one of the most corrupt incidents in the politicization of justice in this country.

Frank McNeil

I agree with Peter that VBA decision to punish Monica Goodling is a joke, but not for his partisan "something has gone wrong and the Democrats must be at fault" reasoning.

It's a joke because the VBA made a scapegoat of a relatively defenseless and inexperienced woman who did something wrong and admitted it. If the institutions of the legal profession had a dollop of guts and a larger quotient of integrity they would have disciplined the big guns --older, well connected males -- who politicized Justice Department appointments and wrote opinions justifying torture.

Perhaps that's the explanation for why the man who signed the order was not immediately available for comment. I hope some prominent legal firm -- Democrat or Republican, it doesn't matter -- will give Ms. Goodling a second chance, for no other reason than she didn't try to weasel out of her mistakes.

Frank McNeil


This decision is a joke! Democrats are notorious for hiring Democrats and firing Republicans. The VA bar rule does not specifically address the conduct in question and is overly broad. Anyone favoring this decision is clearly a partisan Democrat, as are clearly the VA bar authorites. This decision only makes me despise the hypocritical Democrats even more!


Good for her. Now for John Yoo (the author of the torture memos).

A Thankful American

At least someone has been held accountable for Bush administration misconduct . . . a rare moment indeed!

Lars Andressen

Yes, Larry, you're right. How dare anyone question the Imperial Government of His Majesty George W. Bush. Pesky laws should not get in the way of bringing politics into places they don't belong. It's time we brought back the loyalty oath!

Larry Gillis

This is a political assassination, perpetrated by the Virginia Bar in broad daylight.

I hope that membership in the VBA is voluntary, because they are otherwise misusing coerced member funds for private agendas.

Karen Hedwig Backman

This is utterly outstanding! I am thrilled because I did not think it possible that the Virginia Bar would be advanced enough to dare o reprimand a George W. Bush legal lackey.

Karen Hedwig Backman

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