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May 11, 2011


Gal Friday

Re: "So the question is why is this particular case so bothersome to them?"

Mmm, perhaps because the restriction or removal of a minorities' civil rights for no discernable purpose is viewed as abhorrent by enlightened people?

Skeptical Cicada

Any knee-jerk comments from Eric Holder or Elena Kagan yet?

some guy

Clement represented the NRA last year in a second amendment case last year while working at K and S. He was also planning on representing the states in their health care law suit while still working at K and S(and probably still will at his new firm).
K and S seemed to have no trouble with Clement's constitutional cases before. So the question is why is this particular case so bothersome to them?

Harry Belafonte

"this is not the kind of case the firm generally takes"


K&S represented Guantanomo detainees in 2009. Were those "corporate" representations?

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