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May 11, 2011


Darren McKinney

The radical left now seems bent on parodying itself at every turn. I’m sure Judge Ruffin, who presumably believed deeply in tolerance and the civil exchange of differing opinions, is rolling in his grave.

Darren McKinney
American Tort Reform Association
Washington, DC


Does everything have to be about politics in this world? So because Justice Thomas won't toe the political line mandated by liberals, he should be banned from speaking at the dedication of a courthouse named for a liberal judge? So much for the "tolerance" and "civility" those on the left claim to stand for. The man is a native of Georgia, who worked extraordinarly hard to overcome immense challenges to rise to the Court. Whatever you think of his politics, his life story is compelling and inspiring. Beyond that, he's a sitting Supreme Court justice, for crying out loud. You'd think that alone would have local "officials" pleased as punch for their courthouse dedication.


This is an absolute joke.

“I know of no way we could dishonor John Ruffin more than to have Clarence Thomas speak for this occasion.”

Exaggerate much? You would think the Supreme Leader of the KKK was coming to speak. That simply is not true. Justice Thomas is a very intelligent, hard-working member of the United States Supreme Court. The Justices appreciate that their colleagues simply view things differently - I think the protestors should do the same. Not because they agree with Thomas - I'm not asking anyone to do that, but because he is a member of the federal bench. He was nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate to serve the nation, and he has done so with well-written opinions and deep analysis. You may not like the conclusions he has reached, but that's why we have another 8 justices who collectively aim to get to the right answer.

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