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May 25, 2011


Joe Jefferis

My personal experience as a whistle blower (internal, external, whatever) is that it is a complete waste of time and money.

Here is a link to my public comment to the SEC:

To learn more, you are encouraged to put "Craig Westbrook American Patriot' into your search engine.

Justice is merely a political tool in new america. We live in a society of unenforceable laws and general lawlessness.

Loyalty to the rule makers is far more important than any notions of Justice. Rule of law has no advocate.

Richard Grove

If you want to see what the SEC does to Whistleblowers (it persecutes them while protecting the corruption), see "20/20 Hindsight CENSORSHIP on the Frontline"; it demonstrates that the SEC et al are intellectually bankrupt.

Richard Grove


Tell Commish Paredes that a bit more intellectual honesty can help dissolve her worry about erosion of internal programs.

On the contrary, Ms. Paredes: The new modification will add valuable substance to internal standards by placing DULY appropriate burden on companies to DO the Right Thing for staff and stakeholders!

Perhaps, the prospect of companies acting Rightly is worrisome for SEC folks whose workloads might diminish!..just *A Thought*!

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