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May 03, 2011



Good news for the evironmentalists worldwide.

Ibrahim Ndagimakun Abdul

This is a commendable achievement. Oil companies operating in Nigeria should take note, as this is a wake up call on them. Nigerian courts should also leap and follow the footsteps of this judgement.


this is a total joke and insult to anyone who pays attention. right behind exxon mobil's record breaking Q1 2011 profits -- $11 BIL -- comes BP at $7 bil.

$25 million is nothing to these jerkoffs.

justice? force them to pay for research and development of clean, renewable energy for the next 20 years.

c mcc

bloody yanks try running a car that does more then single figures to the gallon

Marilyn in L.A.

$25 million for that one? Gosh, how much do you think the (ongoing) spill and collateral chemical damage in the Gulf of Mexico are worth? More than their total assets?

Tammy Morrison

Have we forgotten the Deepwater debacle already? It would be a crying shame to have BP part with any of their $16M a day profits that they posted for the 1st quarter of this year...

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