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April 07, 2011


Liu opponent

I know Liu's anti-Alito slams have gotten attention, but what about his shady opposition to Roberts? His op-ed completely mis-represented what Roberts said in the en banc denial about the hapless toad.

That's not intemperate language. It's dishonest. It also shows, along with the Alito slams, that he was willing to use his scholarly credentials to be a partisan hack. That alone is enough to oppose him.

Kent Scheidegger

The Republicans are correct to focus on Liu's attack on Alito, but they should be focusing more on the substance and less on the style. Liu attacked Alito as "out of the mainstream" on the particular topic of capital habeas cases, despite the fact that Alito voted for the petitioner 40% of the time. To attack such a moderate record as "out of the mainstream" demonstrates conclusively that Liu's idea of the "mainstream" is something like the median of Berkeley, not the median of America.

This area is particularly important in a Ninth Circuit nomination, because it is the area where the Ninth's record is exceptionally dismal. A large chunk of the Supreme Court's docket consists of reversing patently wrong Ninth Circuit habeas cases. The last thing we need is a judge that will take that court even further out of the mainstream than it already is.

Despite two opportunities to do so, Liu has not retracted a bit of the substance of bogus attack on Alito. He should not be confirmed.


The SF Chornicle had an excellent editorial for Goodwin Liu yesterday, and in it, they SHOWED Ailito DOES believe in some of the things Liu said he does..

Some criticize Liu's age...Conservatives didn't seem to care that Clarence Thomas was 43 when he was nominated to the SCOTUS...Oh i forgot, he's a "strict constructionist", so you can be any age as long as your a "strict constructionist" who subscribes to everything the Federalist Society says..Liu has FAR more experience than Thomas had, and the latter was being appointed to the highest court in the land..

There is something REALLY, REALLY wrong with our judicial system when someone with the education, temperment, character, & experience of a Goodwin Liu cannot be seated on a court...

President Obama should have appointed Liu to Stevens seat last year...I TRULY think it would have been easier to confirm him to the SCOTUS, because those nominations are so high profile that republicans would NOT have been able to get away w/the character assassinations that have gotten away with since this is a lower court nomination

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