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April 15, 2011



"Today’s hearing was a forum for Republicans to air their criticisms of DOJ."

Other than Mr. Franks, no a single Republican on the committee showed up.

And no representative from the DOJ was invited to present testimony.

Sound and fury, signifying nothing, but a waste of time and money by Republicans.


This is an inaccurate and misleading article. The committee heard from supporters and one critic of the 1996 law, this article states the opposite. Also, the article states that this hearing was a forum for Republicans (plural) to air their criticisms of the DOJ but in actuality Franks was the only republican to show. Did the other 5 republican subcommittee members suddenly realize they left the oven on at home or were they too embarrassed to watch the anti-gay grandstanding of Franks?


Do politicians have a heart? Can't they see what doma is doing to our families? All this pain and suffering in the name of politics. Pay attention for one minute, please! Is that too much to ask? Put yourself in our shoe for just ONCE!!!!

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