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April 06, 2011


C. Saputa MD

It is a wonder how the Raytheon conglomerate, umbrella'd by Liberty Mutual, can continue to gain contracts when it falsifies identities and dates/severities of work injuries and shuffles safety records to mis named holdings in oblivion indexing, thus giving it unfair profile for bidding advantages by hiding its liabilities, OSHA violations and the wake of severely injured and cheated employees.
Who hasn't come across its Wage and property tax evasions at its facilities by using unregistered dba's/Fictitious names, crossing LLC barriers assigning liabilities to shareholders/members, and shunting Wage UI tax reporting through false work sites, like the "Raytheon Support Services CO" in Columbus, OH as orders go for employees to report this defunct corporate mail drop site off corporate registries for a decade, yet still used to divert Wage/UI reporting to Virginia instead of the actual state they worked in. Some lucky political groups are unduly enriched with diverted millions in Wage taxes in VA and other HQ states the corp conglomerate diverts to. They are artful in cascading dead shell corporate trails for some advantageous tax benefit, giving their profile further falsity for unfair bidding. This may explain how they bid contracts but are endlessly off budget and under beyond schedule for projects, like the Polar Services they are hopelessly bound in extension. Ever wonder, how, when beyond schedule and short of cash, they are able to get $Billion loan guarantees and credit line security for themselves from their wholly owned LLCs which barely have that value to secure, and themselves are behind schedule and behind budget, as in the Technical Services Antarctic McMurdo renovationjs/support contracts. Meanwhile, they beg the Gov't for additional funding and draws for budget shortfalls. Competitors may desire more on this. With the appearance of a well contrived tax evasion/money laundering scheme between parent and child dependent holdings(LLCs) from critical Gov't funded contracts(check Bank of America loans and credit lines from 2001-present)one wonders how Liberty Mutual surveys its covered employers and work places? Yet, the corporate integrity and work comp profiles pass their doors in falsity to NCCI and other regulators with seeming intant pass key from local courts. Where is the DOJ and all the competitors who lost bidding to the false safety and liability profiles in class action or RICO/Sherman pursuit? Simple review of each Raytheon family hard facilities tax/corporate/business name registration/address registration in each state(Wage) and county(property tax)and tracking identity assigned to Liberty's umbrella workers comp claims(worker to employer and work site) can easily spell a likely fine tuned national fraud machine at all levels. Someone went to a "B" rated Sniper school for stealth. Is Justice that blind?

iain carstairs

Super! Raytheon can now get back to its main job - manufacturing massacre machines like the cluster bomb - designed to shred everyone in a hundred yard radius to pieces: men, women, and children.

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