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April 06, 2011



This sounds to me like the same thing as caps only it is on the lawyers and not the patients. So, now the patients won't be able to find a lawyer to take their case so there will be fewer cases. It still comes back to hurt the patients. Tort reform is needed to help cut out the amount of frivolous cases, which is about 80% of cases. (see )However, we need something that won't limit patients to compensation when they are truly injured.

Joann Somers,M.D.

This and much more is needed. By enacting stringent liability reforms would anger theAmerican Assoc. of trial lawyers and other personal injury attorneys and public advocacy groups. Who will have the guts to finally eliminate these legally corrupt practices? How can one condone these evil, dishonest individuals? Perhaps we should educate people on how the conduct and practices of these dishonest attorneys, plaintiffs, and plaintiff expert witnesses add significantly to the cost of living.Get the lawyers out of government and elect free-market economists and intelligent business men/women.


It is lawyers who atop the malpractice. Stop the lawyers and malpractice will become rampant.

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