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April 18, 2011



I think this is going to stir up a real storm at K&S, which is now going to be the firm of anti-gay, anti-equality bigotry. Can't wait for this to impact their recruiting. And check out the Engagement Letter at Paragraph (g) bars ALL K&S attorneys from any advocacy to alter or amend DOMA. So K&S attorneys can't participate in protests, contact their Representative or Senator, work with civil rights organizations, donate money, etc., in support of recently-introducted legislation to repeal DOMA. They are sidelined on the critical civil rights issue of our time. Way to go K&S!



"I am part of that force that would do ill, yet forever works the good." -Mephisto in Goethe's Faust.

Welcome, Mr. Clement, to the national struggle to overcome centuries of homophobia. May you advocate forcefully and well. Mindful of this country's history of emerging pluralism and expanding civil rights and the ebbing of intolerance as a new generation rises, even your clients know that in this case, or the next or the next, they will lose.

Eric Ross

See? Boehner is creating jobs. He just hired one lawyer!

Karen Graham

What happened to budgeting for the deficit. The DOM act is not something that money should be spent on. Can Boener be recalled?

Jeff Spangler

The HRC must understand everyone's right to effective appellate advocacy, and the NOM must know that there are two results to every case-- win or lose.

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