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April 14, 2011


Julie Tucker

This is concerning Fannie Mae. . . not specifically this case. I am persuing an antitrust lawsuit against Fannie Mae. They have decimated our market in Idaho. With over 60% of the sales REO, they control the market. They also give hundreds (some agents, over 200) listings. These listings are given to less than 2% of the agents in Idaho. There is absolutely no marketing from these agents.(why should they?) Therefore, when the properties don't sell, Fannie Mae just lowers the price. Which in turn, FHA repos, and Freddie Mac, lower their prices. Our market declined over 28% in the last year. There has to be a better way of marketing REOs. The first step, is to create marketing in these properties, with more realtors' listing these properties and create competition. Who can help?

Jamie Long

Contractor getting 'fired'. Fannie Mae let a few hundred go last December. Are all those taking their cases to court. She was a short term contractor and that entitles her to her 200 dollar per hour pay until either party decides that engagement is over.

Patience Andrews

I see the Fannie Mae corrupt bubble at America's worst is still as arrogant as ever. Still out lawyering and financing, but this time on taxpayers dime, anyone who dares to litigate against them. Also glad to know there are still some DC law firms not on their payroll and are willing to take them on. Rest assured and put your money on Fannie Mae settling this matter if the case gets anywhere near a just DC jury. Retaliation is ugly Fannie Mae and you know who doesn't like ugly.

Andrew Cohen

It's a good thing Fannie only sent 3 attorneys to the hearing -- usually they send 10 or more! Judge Leon repeatedly complained about their overlawyering cases, since there are no checks on their running up the bills, which the taxpayers have to pay.

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