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April 19, 2011


joe the plumber

Think this Congress hasn't created but a single job! au contraire. Will this precipitate a maudlin, weepy reaction from our Speaker? I believe the single greatest threat facing marriage is Divorce. Who's with me, Repeal?

David E

You would seriously argue that as a valid reason to continue enforcing DOMA? That discriminating against certain marriages is OK because it saves money? How about, for Social Security purposes, everyone who was married on a Tuesday doesn't get survivor benefits. That should shave off a decent couple of million dollars.


Yeah, colorblind, let's make all civil rights issues contingent on the bottom line. Afterall, isn't that why we got rid of separate drinking fountains? Afterall, one is cheaper to maintain than two.


It'll cost American taxpayers a heckuva lot more than $500,000 if federal and state governments are obliged forever after to recognize Social Security and pension survivor benefits for same-sex couples. The debt conscious among us can plausibly argue that a half-a-million invested now could save us many tens of billions later.

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