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April 22, 2011


Captain Kelly, D.I. USAF Intelligence, NATO-EU-AU etc.

On stealing money from the government in Iraq or Afghanistan the amounts for which the USA government has overpaid or paid for nothing done is over 30-billion dollars unaccounted for and 99% of it will never be found although the USA government has already admitted that it is in or over the 30-billion dollar amount just in Afghanistan.
When going in defending themselves they all say "while the company believes that it's actions were appropriate and allowable under the contract....... Sounds like the "Bernie-made-off-with-my-money-guy," who didn't do anything wrong some 70-billion dollars later stolen from investors around the world. The USA government has collected about 8-billion dollars as of now but, how can the remainder just disappear that easy around the world?
Anyhow, the government on things like what this case is all about should in similar cases put the case facts together and if a "winner" they should tell the defendants here is the case now do you want to settle or go to tria?" If they go to trial they should have to pay treble damages for losing and wasting the Taxpayer's time and money.
In this way the USA government can move along and get better collection returns and/or pay back monies more quickly.
By the way how about doing something on Justice Clarence Thomas who he and his wife withheld many millions of dollars in joint earnings that he doesn't have to declare or pay back it seems. The law protects his "ass" and this is so wrong that it should not continue in that there is enough scams against the Taxpyers by those in government who get protected by those others in government ad nauseam.
Captain Kelly, D.I.

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