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March 24, 2011



CT Kirb ought to read The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report. It shows how weak regulation allowed reckless behavior by business that crashed the economy. Capitalism died in 2008 when bankrupt companies were bailed out by taxpayers. In addition to weak oversight, America has another fatal flaw in the economy, central planning by the Federal Reserve. Greenspan ‘centrally planned’ the economic policy of low interest rates that caused the housing bubble and economic crash. Which central planning works better, that of the communist Chinese, or the central planning of the Federal Reserve? Whose economy is in better shape today? In conclusion, a lot of folks believe CT Kirb’s myth that "America became great because its people were smart enough to design a government that relyed on the intelligence and responsibility of its people, not the other way around". In fact Americas stole a nation from the Native Americans, then worked the stolen land with a system where people of Africa were imported into the United States and held as slaves. If only our real history were considered, and not the self-serving false myth, maybe America could move forward with a workable economic system for all.

CT Kirb

I suggest we take a look at the overall health and welfare of people in socialized countries where government oversight ensures that all consumers are treated equally. Hmmmmm...are they better off? Why do some Americans believe the government is smarter than its people? If the government was allowed to oversee(and stifle)free enterprise historically the way they are trying to now, our once great economy will become a laggard,the same as all the other sociaist countries. I'm not in any way advocating stealing from consumers, I'm simply saying that America became great because its people were smart enough to design a government that relyed on the intelligence and responsibility of its people, not the other way around.

Tony Waters

Elizabeth's Warren's schedule removes any remaining vestiges of doubt about her. For me, her appointment with Whittaker Chambers was the clincher, but I was already suspicious: Why would anyone in her position keep her appointments diary in a hollowed-out pumpkin?

Mark my words -- If the woman isn't stopped, she is going be a major menace to all those hard-working American banks and credit card issuers who make a fortune from deceiving and ripping off millions of American consumers. Someone needs to remind Ms. Warren that stealing is a pure form of free enterprise, and in their sophisticated ways, that is all the banks are doing: exercising their freedom.

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