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March 31, 2011




I believe we had a go round before w/Goodwin Liu...

Just curious, when far right judges were nominated by President Bush, incl. Janice Rogers Brown, William Pryor, Priscilla Owen, Leslie Southwick, were you as concerned...Or is it ok when judges are extremely far right...

Mr. Liu, and you will disagree with this, is not an idealogue...The proof is there...Would prominent legal conservatives like Richard Painter, Clint Bolick, and Ken Star support a left wing idealogue for a high level court position...

Emmitt, just because the National Review and Washington Times say Goodwin Liu is not fit for the 9th. Circuit does not mean it is true...I'm sure the NYT editorial board was not fond of Brown, Pryor, Southwick, and Owen...That didn't prevent them from getting confirmed....


I express no opinion on McConnell or Chen, but Goodwin Liu should absolutely NOT be confirmed. He is inexperienced, unqualified, espouses radical positions (which he purports to disclaim when convenient for him), and, worst of all, utterly lacks integrity. The Republicans must pull out ALL the stops to block his nomination.


Jack McConnell is a man of integrity who took the fight to the end at great sacrifice, losing a fortune. Who was willing to pay him to try to right a wrong done to the poor? Not a smoker or a lead poisoned child could afford to. He won tobacco after taking a hell of a a chance - without illegal "inside information." Great person.


THOMAS JEFFERSON democracy at its best. Huh, guys and gals. Why all the fuss? We all (DEMS and GOP) know that political leanings end once they put on those magical black robes. Yaa right.

Larry Harris

These (R) senators are nothing more than partisan hacks. It must be galling that they sit in judgment of the nominees, who are so much more educated, intelligent and qualified to exercise independent judgment. It reminds me of the way Elizabeth Warren was treated on the Hill.

Roger A. McKee

The federal bench is understaffed, and this nomination should have been swiftly approved by the Senate months ago, so that the District Court in Rhode Island could keep up with its workload. Nothing in this article indicates any reason why Mr. McConnell might not be fit to serve. It's just another example of how the Senate just cannot get its work done by getting measures to the floor for up or down votes.


This is nothing but more GOP obstrructionism....John McConnell has donated to democrats, well so what....So no republican judicial nominee has never donated to republican causes - please...Let's look at the candiates and organizations Clarence Thomas and his wife donate to - probably not one democrat...

John McConnell, along with Goodwin Liu, Edward Chen, etc. should be confirmed...Enough of the charades...

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