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March 08, 2011


James Whittier

It's funny his says that Native Americans understand that the attorneys should be compensated fairly when the individual Native American clients shall receive from this law suit approximately $2,000 for egregious and obvious mismanagement of huge swaths of leased land. Native American stakeholders should at least get $100,000, or something closer to what was really lost in the mismanagement.

And 14% or 15% compensation was not an open agreement between the clients and the attorneys. The lawsuit really does just benefit the attorneys and a few clients. This is a shame.

MaryLee Johns

If you check any of the responses to stories regarding the Cobell Agreement you will see that the majority of IIM Account holders (Indian Individual Money) complained about the 99.9 million the attorneys were asking to be paid. The attorney's actually only WON 600+ million for their 15 year effort. The federal government threw in the rest of the 3 billion because they wanted to get off free and clear for the mismanagement of our lands. The attorneys don't have a claim on those dollars. So if you take this into consideration the 223 million is actually 37% of 600 which is as a congress man has stated obscene. Mr. Harper continues to speak about this case like it was a great accomplishment - in reality - it is far from that when you take into account the mismanagement of our lands that he and Ms. Cobell had no right to settle on our behalf. If many of us had known this we would have stopped this the first year they began. I for one support Congressman Young.
Mary Lee Johns IIM Account Holder

John Q. Taxpayer

I'll give them an easy reason why "this case should be treated differently." Its tax money they are raking in for their clients and that they want to line their pockets with. Plus, it was obvious the gov't botched all this up. Not like any competent lawyer couldn't have prevailed.


Who are these lawyers kidding? Not Indian Country. 99.9 million is all they should get as agreed to by Congress.

Jim D

What part about agreeing to a fee of $99million or less don't these lawyers understand? Their actions bring contempt on all lawyers.

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