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March 28, 2011



Well it is funny that she (Huthnance) did in fact lie on the stand and this information was NOT allowed to be shown to the jury. Also, the Judge did not allow the defense to recall Huthnance to challenge her testimony because she had to play volleyball? Obviously roller derby is not a weak sport. It's actually very physical and they did not want to portray Huthnance as such. But it's kinda ironic that her AKA is "Skanda Lass". You do the math, check out this link,

She was deeply involved in this roller derby tournament DURING the trial that was SOOOOO important to her because her "rights were violated". She was excused by the Judge to play for the National team in volleyball?, not to play roller derby with her friends.
And yes, good job of getting her boyfriend to lie for her. They both couldn't even get their stories straight about where they were that night drinking their bottle of wine and two, well three, well four beers. I watched most of the trial, if you want to call it a trial, but it was clear that Huthnance was not telling the truth and her testimony was very rehearsed. She also stated that she signed the paperwork electing to forfeit a collateral on the charge and not go to court but then she lied to the court and said, "I didn't read it". She even acknowledged taking the document with her from the jail, but NEVER read it? An educated person that didn't read an important document she is signing. Come on give me a break!

And how one gets away sleeping away objections is beyond me, I think people expect more from the District Court.

And yes, the jury did have several members that had criminal records. And I also heard, that although not magically selected as a juror, it was very ironic that a family member of one of the plaintiff's attorneys was a part of the jury pool for the case. Makes you go, Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Out of all the cases in DC, criminal and civil on any given day (three court houses), how did she und up in that courtroom? Coincidence? I beg to differ, nice try.

James A

First I would like to say that it is easy for everyone to talk about law enforcement officers the way they do until they need thier help. Ms huthnance lied on the stand and to make things even better, Judge Lambert slept through three quarters of the trial. And if he wasn't sleeping he was eating. The jury slept through most of it also. When juror #1 had to be released from the case, Mr Moustakos was on the record stating that he wanted to keep juror #1 because he was the only juror that wasn't sleeping during the trial. The only thing the officers were guilty of was a bad grammar in their report. I personally know all the officers and personally know the case and Ms. Hutnance's arrest was justified. Her attorney's lied about her having to leave the trial early to attend a pro volley ball match that she was playing in for the new zealand team, she even stated to the judge the same when on the stand. When in reality she is the captain of a roller derby team having a match that weekend. He exboyfriend who testified couldn't even get his story to match Ms. Hutnance's. He also testified that the officers attempted to get ms. huthnance to go home. He also stated he tried to get her to go home. He also stated she got very load when he tried to get her to go home. The Judge would not allow it into evidence to show her character, but then again he wouldn't allow much of any evidence from the defence. The trial was a joke from the start. But what would you expect when the judge allowed jurors with past criminal history to sit on the jury. Good luck to you DC residents. All this trial did was make good officers not want to work or take police action in the hopes that no one will try to sue them again. Hope your not the one's being assaulted or robbed when these officer are driving by. As for the sgt that was leaving the 7-11, he never testified at the trial, his deposition was allowed to be read by the judge and the defence wasn't given the chance to cross examin him to that night which he personally stated that he didn't even know if that was the night in question that he saw those officers. The trial, the judge, the juror, what a joke.


By the same token, did they have anyone to corroborate the testimony of the police? The unfortunate fact is that people no longer trust the police to tell the truth. That was not always the case. There was a time when most jurors (at least most jurors who have not been victims of police mis-conduct)would automatically believe the testimony of the police. Then someone invented the video camera, someone else learned how to use it, someone learned how to show the video on the 11 o'clock news, and, well let's just say the net result of all this is that lots of jurors bring to the box a healthy skepticism when weighing the testimony of police witnesses. The sad thing is they have only themselves to blame for this.


J Seda,
I disagree with your assertion that righteous law enforcement officers will taken action in these types of circumstances. The Blue Wall of Silence does exist and it is strenghtened by "good" cops who do nothing. If good cops took action,it wouldn't happen as much as it does. It was painful for me when I explained to my sons that "the police are not your friends".

Peacemaker Demo

Haha. try being in a motorcycle club, and see what they pull on us. Its never about the traffic infraction were told why were pulled over. And people wonder why we say "we dont dial 911". Ill trust a biker over a cop any day.


I imagine that all came out at the trial, wouldnt you Joe?


There was, indeed, testimony presented from a police sergeant who was leaving the 7-Eleven at the time Ms. Huthnance was outside allegedly screaming at the top of her lungs at two officers. Sergeant Michael Smith testified that, although he saw an encounter between Ms. Huthnance and the arresting officers from about 50 feet away, he could not hear anything that was being said -- undermining the claim that Ms. Huthnance's screaming woke residents asleep behind closed windows even further away.

In addition, although Ms. Huthnance requested the names of all police and civilian witnesses to her arrest, the District and its officers claimed that they failed to take down the identities of any such witnesses.

J Seda

Great if the facts are correct!

I was a law enforcement officer and detective many years and then for many years an attorney. I have lived and worked in NY, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, VA, CO, and other places in my many years. I have seen such conduct and made my attempts to stop them (usually unsuccessful as the threats then turn towards me or my family).

The truth is that some law enforcement officers, aided by the look-the-other-way attitude of their "brother officers" and departments/agencies, act as if they are the "law" instead of law enforcement officers sworn to uphold the laws and constitutions of the U.S. and of the state(s).

The post-9-11 scares have allowed even more leeway to these rouge officers (including federal agents).

The righteous law enforcement officers will not stand idly by such behavior for it is no less criminal when a law enforcement officer breaks the law then when anyone else does. Officers who understand this will step in and make an arrest of such rouge officers.

Fortunately, some courts, and the jury system, know that the answer to the question "Who polices the police" is: WE DO!

God Bless America.


Did they have testimony from anyone else inside the Seven Eleven? Anyone that could corroborate Huthnance's version of the story?

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