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March 29, 2011


Joe Jefferis

Equal protection under the law is not mentioned - It's probably not being written into this Administration's New America Constitution or New America Rules.

New America's Rulers will be empowered to issue "fair" decisions as long as they remain in positions of power and influence. They currently appear entrenched and too big to fail.

peter terminello

peter king reflects the views of many americans. justice persecuted the italians in the 1960s and the irish in the 1970s and nothing was said. there were the general ignorant statements that the italians must have mafia relatives or all the irish were involved with the IRA. we had to take it and we cooperated with law enforcement, but muslims do not want equality, they want special treatment and they should not get it. they are the only group as a group that is producing home grown terrorists out against the usa. thank goodness for pete king.

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