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March 01, 2011


Jim Rogers

I can't believe someone is comparing Thurgood Marshall's relationship to the NAACP with Clarence Thomas' ties to corporate America. Talk about apples and oranges! Wow!

Peter Harrell

"their transparently partisan attack ... has absolutely no credibility and should be ignored."

Oh, you mean sort of like that comment?

Darren McKinney

Would the leftwing kooks now impugning the integrity of Justices Scalia and Thomas have called for Justice Thurgood Marshall to recuse himself from all cases in which the NAACP, his former employer, had had an interest? Of course they wouldn't have, which is why their transparently partisan attack on the court has absolutely no credibility and should be ignored.

Darren McKinney

Mark Applegarth

Well, it's about time. Most judges and prosecutors on the local level have a monatary interest in sending people to prison because they own stock in private prisons around the country. At around 50k per year, per inmate, it quickly adds-up to profit for the shareholders,at our expense. Recusal for federal judges...who has in the past overseen that issue? Time to get this matter under control, and, the judges should start to follow prior case law instead of just making law up as they go and then not recommeding full-text publication of their unlawfull ruling.

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