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March 01, 2011


Richard Thompson

interesting the AG/President choosing which laws to enforce. It seems there will be a few laws that the next administration will also ignore (specifically Obama Care).

A. Kreamer

Holder should be impeached. Just like any other public official and attorney, he took an oathe to defend the Constitution and laws of the United States.


The SG had not previously been in a position of having to defend DOMA in a heightened scrutiny context. When finally pushed to do so, the SG balked, and his superiors backed him up. The Obama administration could not in conscience argue any of the shibboleths that have been used to justify discrimination against LGBTs. Seems like an appropriate, non-political course of action, on both substance and timing. Congress or an intervenor will just have to fill the SG's shoes.

Joe Jefferis

Elections have consequences - 2008.
Elections have consequences - 2010.
Elections have consequences - 2012.

Elections have consequences!

Mark Applegarth

Right or wrong, the Solicitor General should be bound to argue the matter before the Supreme Court. Afterall, alot of solicitor generals in up becoming a member of the Supreme Court. It's good practice. However, it does smack of the fact that nowadays, most public defenders do not defend their poor clients, acting instead as another advocate for conviction in order to win some election. Let's face it, if justice could have ever been defined, it's not in this day and age. These policies that the judicial system is taking will lead to the downfall of this country. If there is no relief from wrongs done to the injured, then there will be a break-down in society, thus, government.

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