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February 11, 2011



At some point, Assistant U.S. Attorney Glenn Leon needs to recuse himself from this case and that point may come if the plea is withdrawn.

After having argued so stridently in favor of the defendant, how do you expect him to zealously represent the interests of the United States at a trial? The risk of "inadvertent" but fatal legal error is too great. The risk of Mr. Leon putting forth less than a full effort at trial is a distinct possibility.

If the plea is withdrawn, then it's time for the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Edward Jeszka

Another case of the protected vs the unprotected. Mr. Bloch, by his illegal acts that he has admitted to has destroyed many good lives. Now he wants clemency? Let him do pro bono representation of the cases he dropped or shredded for the next ten years before he can make a dime for his legal services. Community service in the form of attempting to make whole those thas he had disenfranchised by his dishonesty.My case was dropped by the OSC.

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