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February 28, 2011


Richard Greenblatt

Although I am neither a democrat or a republican, I can't understand why democrats are being blamed equally with republicans for a logjam in the senate created by republicans. We need a lot more than good judges in this country, we need a government that governs.


Bruce--not every applicant applies. Some are approached. These are the ones who decline based on the uncertainty of the confirmation process.

Bruce Williams

To say that candidates are not willing to submit their name for appointment to the bench because of the backlog in the appointment is a fallacy. I have practiced in federal court for 18 years and no one that I know who was or is being considered for appointment has ever said they would pull their name out becuase of the backlog and the lengthy confirmation process! Furthermore, since when do sitting district court judges pal around with potential candidates to the bench? If anything it is the lack of pay that keeps qualified candidates from applying but those individuals are in the minority. The bench does need more help but to say people aren't applying becuase of the backlog is inaccurate.

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