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February 24, 2011


Lowell Steiger

How much would the plaintiffs have received without these lawyers fighting for them? I'm guessing zero. It galls me how people get high and mighty and begrudge attorneys their fees when it's the attorneys who put in the time, effort and exorbitant costs in order to effect a fair result for their clients.

If the attorneys in this case were unable to effect a settlement, they would have been paid zero - this is the nature of contingent fees. The lawyers risk their investment in time and money and, for that, receive a percentage of the end result.

D. Shay

As an American Indian old enough to have seen numerous Indian settlements, why is that when Indians win wrongful legal actions, that the victim pays? If it were another race of people who won wrongful action suits, the defendents would be paying for the legal fees, or am I missing something?

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