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February 18, 2011



Apparently your clients didn't contribute sufficiently to the Republicans campaign coffers and they'll be suffering the fallout from the Republicans' dissatisfaction with losing court cases to environmental groups.


PERFECT TIMING. I'm about to sign a six-figure EAJA settlement with the Government for my client, after the Government put us through 10 years of hell to get back millions in customs duty refunds + interest that the Government knew was due and owing. The Government used us as a "lab rat" to test two new theories on curtailing importers' remedies. Twice the trial court bought the Government's line & threw out the case & twice we won reversals on appeal. After the Government conceded the merits, they persuadeed the trial court to deny us an EAJA award -- we got that reversed as well. Now the Government wants to settle with us (for less than half of the actual lawyer fees & expenses) -- but this impending funding freeze may persuade them to fight on!? What do they have to lose? QUERY: The Government has the funds to litigate numerous unjustified cases (and the vast majority of EAJA awards are for social security recipients unjustifiably denied their benefits) -- but doesn't have the funds to partially (and I mean partially) reimburse the victims of these cases??

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