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February 02, 2011


John W. Andrews

I agree with Mike,
I represent two whistleblowers in a false claims act case against Kaplan..
I agree with the GAO report.
I receive e-mails daily from students who indicate they were deceived or misled. They are upset when they find that the credits are not transferable. They are further upset when they find that the student loan that they were misled into obtaining is nondischargeable in bankruptcy.
I have to admit I am absolutely shocked at what I have found out.
Former recruiters are coming forward disclosing the misleading and deceptive tactics used in recruiting students.
I can go on for weeks.
Please write all US Senators, all U.S. Congress , all Governors, the Department of Education and ask them to stop the predatory practice of the predatory for-profit educational corporations..
I believe a Wall Street hedge fund manager
appropriately called the predatory for-profit education corporation industry "marketing machines masquerading as colleges and/or universities."
We have to stop this $28 billion year ripoff of the Federal Government and we taxpayers .


I agree with Mike totally. There have been enough complaints over years and years to warrant an investigation. I say Better Late Than Never. If these schools' reputations are suffering, it can't be by much since those who hire already know the relative lack of value of such an education. How much poorer can their reputation be? They serve the desperate. State-run community colleges and technical schools are a much better value. It is possible that the other poster may just be a disgruntled former employee.


This lawsuit is garbage stall tactics. As a victim of EDMC and CEC's schools, I must fully agree with the GAO report because I went through the same thing.

Harvey Carter

What a BS investigation. GAO targeted these schools without even knowing if they had done anything wrong. As will all FSI jobs- its was a fishing expedition. Glad I left GAO when it had its good name.

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