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February 16, 2011


susan smith

This is so good to hear. I recently applied for a job and they do drug testing for nicotine and don't hire smokers and according to the EEOC any thing that bars someone that has nothing to do with their job in applicant testing should be considered a violation. I agree.

Yancey the BasicEmployeeRights Advocate

The Declaration of Independence states, ""We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,..." however, the truth is all man are NOT TREATED equally in this country and never have been.

This has obviously included the workplace. This statement, "Assistant Secretary of Labor for Policy William Spriggs presented current national employment statistics showing that African-Americans and Hispanics are overrepresented among the unemployed. He also said that excluding the unemployed would be more likely to limit opportunities for older applicants as well as persons with disabilities." make the insidous hypocrisy of what I call "workplace conspiracy" all the more glaring.

What is "workplace conspiracy"? In the criminal realm, When two or more individuals get together and plan to commit a crime and break a law it's usually called conspiracy. Unfortunately, the same attitude and intent for conspiracy happens routinely in the workplace. But, there are no severe penalties for deterrence as there are in criminal law.

Thus, in an "AT WILL" employment environment unscrupulous employers working in concert with their managers, supervisors, HR, legal department or EEO, co-workers even customers devise schemes to violate the rights of career seekers and employees. Anyone that thinks or seeks to justify the notion it's coincidental that diverse groups are far more adversely affected by "unemployment discrimination" are part of the same hypocrisy and denial.

Bruce Wilson

I'd not wish it on anyone, but it would be amusing to see if, should you become unemployed through no fault of your own, and have trouble finding employment because of your status, you would then, after a few weeks or months, revise your opinion.


It's also a fact, and a fact which can't be wished away, that the longer you are unemployed the harder it is to get back into the working habit, and in the end you may be unemployable. Even if you lost your job for a discriminatory reason it is preposterous to expect employers not to prefer people who have not lost the work habit.

jack russell

You people are such sukkaz for a sob story. The reason they want to avoid unemployed is the same reason you don't want junkmail in your mailbox. It wastes your time. You are not going to buy the crap, but they have to send it to you anyway or they dont get their paychecks.

Remember - you have to apply for jobs to get your paychecks.

So you send your resume to anyone - even if there is no chance of you getting the job.

This means the companies are stuck with recycling a bunch of junkmail. It is that simple.

Unless you are a sucker and think there is some conspearacy (yes, misspellled)

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