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February 02, 2011


Martin Snyder

I cannot belive the amount of legal time/resources expended to keep this guy out of the can for 30 days. It must run into the hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

Proportionality is a key moral value, and this case is already a moral disaster for the country.

People get 30 days everywhere across this nation for looking at a judge funny, and we have to put up with this stuff after major crimes have been proven ?

This is the stuff that drives me crazy about Obama. "Looking forward not backward" is a sick, sad joke that will be destructive for a long time to come.

Gabe Bruno

30 days for all the years of damage that Bloch did while betraying his oath of office? How about restitution to all his victims? After all, this carefully crafted plea is allowing him to remain an Officer of the Court so he can continue to make money in the profession he betrayed. He should be required to tithe all his victims for the rest of his hypocritical life.

Richard Wyeroski

Any wonder that our government is not trusted by the people any longer.

What happened to justice and the "American WAY"?

As a victim of Scott J. Bloch, I feel that he was let off easy. His office helped to destroy my career.

WikiLeaks, the Madoff Scandal and the Gulf oil spill are just the beginning of government failing the people

Richard Wyeroski
Former FAA Inspector

doug kinan

Bloch's high crime and misconduct against the government and the American people is unparalleled.

His predecessor, Elaine Kaplan, should be standing trial for her misconduct and malfeasance. Instead, she was appointed Chief Counsel for the Office of Personnel Managment.

Anyone wishing to understand the enormity of the crime can send for my 30-page affidavit at

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